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What is Combat Arms EU?

Combat Arms EU is an intense, massive multiplayer game, created by Nexon Inc and Doobic Studios. A fast-paced, strategic FPS, it employs real-time warfare and team communication to create a strategic gaming experience. Combat Arms currently contains eleven game modes, nine of which are playable in the US release, including the classic and popular One Man Army (a free-for-all deathmatch), the more team-based Fireteam (A cooperative storyline-based mode), and the suspenseful and frightening gameplay of Quarantine mode. Currently, Combat Arms contains 15 varied maps, hosting enviroments from all over the globe. From the large cold mountains of Operation: Snow Valley, to the cramped, abandoned laboratory of Operation: Death Room, players can fight in all sorts of situations that pit their survival on their skills. Playing a successful match grants a player in-game money, known as Gear Points (GP), as well as experience (EXP). The more experience a player earns, the faster they rank up. As you rank up, you gain more respect, as well as special privileges. The higher your rank, the better your access to special weapons and gear. Players can customize their characters by buying new weapons and equipment, such as vests, uniforms, headgear, and backpacks in the Shop, and then procede to modify them with silencers, scopes, or clips. Rare items and gear can also be found in the Black Market, where one can buy Mercenaries as well as limited edition gear. Players can join or start rooms, which are hosted by a Room Master. They are able to choose the map, game mode, set limits, and control the weapons other players can use or not use, (for example, Melee Only, or No Sniper Rifles). Team up with friends, or join a Clan and lead your comrades to victory. Good luck, Soldiers! 


NX is the currency you use to buy items in the Black Market. To get NX, you must use real life money. Read more on the NX article. Okay?

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