Gear Points, also known as GP, are the standard currency of Combat Arms. They are used to buy weapons, clothing, and other gear from the Shop. GP is earned by playing matches. The more kills you get in a round, the more GP you will earn. GP is not to be confused with NX, a currency used to buy from the Black Market.

Doing better in games will increase amount of GP earned; for example, getting more kills in an Elimination match will increase the amount of GP earned. Arming or defusing the Bomb more in Search and Destroy will also increase the amount of GP earned, as will capturing the flag, recovering the flag, etc., in Capture the Flag. Essentially, doing anything constructive towards your team in a game mode will earn more GP.

The NX item Bonus GP Pass (25%) raises GP gain by 25%, costing 800 NX for 100 games. It's 40% cousin increases GP by 40%, and costs 950 NX per 100 games. The Bonus GP Pass (100%) doubles gained GP, but can only be obtained from Grey HiSec Cases.

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