A Nut Shot is a humorous Achievement added onto Combat Arms possibly as a April Fool's joke added in a patch. When a player shoots an enemy (must be a male Mercenary or Base Character) in the groin area, they will achieve a "Nut Shot", obviously because they have killed their enemy by hitting the person where a male's... well, you get the point (for those who don't know, it means the crotch).

Like an Head Shot, there is a symbol of attacking that certain part of the area. Instead of a cracked head with a bullet hole, there is a picture of a couple of shelled nuts, with the biggest one cracked by gunfire (kind of like the Halloween pumpkin). The top-left kill screen would show this: The Killer >> Weapon Used >> "A Squirrel chewing on a nut" >> The Killed Player (lol)

There is a voice when you get a Nut Shot, it is the player's character, who laughs at the humorous kill (the men and women have a different laugh). Female characters can't get killed by "nutshots" and is noted by the "No Nuts, No Glory" event that they do not have a balance, meaning there is no other place where female characters can get hit once and die aside from only the head. When the player who got hit in the groin dies, you can hear a small groan of pain, plus they have a slightly different dying animation, which is the player grasping onto their crotch as they hit the floor or falling onto the floor and squirm painfully until the character "dies".

In Combat Arms EU, the GMs held a poll to determine the fate of the Nut Shot. The majority of players voted against the Nut Shot, therefore prompting its removal on the June 4th Fireteam Mode update. So the Nut shot is no longer here.


  • As for the Global Version of Combat Arms (North America, Australia, etc.) the Nut Shot has been tweaked on the end-of-July-2009 patch. The Nut Shot is no longer a "One-shot-kill" move, but it is still here. Nut Shots are achieved only when the player kills the player by attacking there last, i.e. player shoots enemy in the nuts when they have less than 20 HP with a sniper rifle, or player sprays enemy with assault rifle, and final bullet that kills enemy was at the nuts (good for them).